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does anyone know if YC accepts blockchain exchange startups?

Diane D

I’m looking for information on packages naming process as we are renaming most if not all of our packages across our solutions. Do you have any resources or know of any templates that can help with this project?

Victoria S

Hi! There are LOTS of types, forms, and sources of feedback within organizations - around messaging, the sales experience, why buyers buy (or don't), their expectations, their experience, the product, etc. etc. etc. Thinking more so about unstructured feedback data vs. survey data, what are the best *processes* and *tools* you use to capture, organize, and then equip the right people to activate on all this insight?

Mallory B

Hi all - anyone have great subject line recommendations when sending out email outreach for win/loss calls? Having a tough time engaging lost opps in particular

Jenny W

I have biweekly meetings with our Sales Leadership and Customer Success Leadership to hear what concerns/product requests they have been receiving in the last 2 weeks and start to take note on an excel spreadsheet so I can watch for patterns. We also have a customer Facebook group which our Community Manager will slack me when product feedback is starting to catch momentum on Facebook. The other items I find via salesforce and our NPS tool so those are reports I pull about once a month. I find I often get way too many product requests/feedback from teams, to the point where we cant accommodate everyone's requests. But I think that is also a good sign that we have established healthy communication and they know they can share feedback with the PMK team and we will listen and do what is best for the majority of customers.

Dekker F

The most useful tools are the ones you use for executing: LinkedIn ad manager, Facebook ad manager, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Spotify ad manager, etc. Those give you TAM estimates and provide you a path for going to market.

James S

Hello everyone! Has anyone here ever marketed to gig drivers (Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, etc.) before and are you willing to share what you did and what you learned?

Sarfraz H

Hi guys anyone who has experience with Sequoia's Surge Interview process?

Rohan P

Hi has anyone heard about the ERA accelerator program and if yes, quickly comment. Just trying to see if it’s worth the applying.


After how many months of grinding were you guys able to raise your seed round?

Ian J

Struggling with getting source data for my TAM calculations, wondering if anyone would be able to help me ideate some workarounds over chat? Would really appreciate the help

Ian Jo

Anyone know of people who went through the Hyper Accelerator> or any tips on their video submission?

Srikant A

How important is it to YC if the founder cannot dedicate full time to the idea because of his family commitments (gives 30+ hr/week)? Can do full time if he gets funding.

Ian J

Is anyone familiar with the routes to work and live in the US when building a startup that is incorporated in the US?

Matt G

Anyone here has experience with Antler? How's the interview process? And the accelerator? Is there a demo day? When do you receive fundings exactly? Give as many details as possible please!

Amol Mane

Hi all, do you know of any tools that make the process of incorporation (in Canada if possible) super smooth?

Steve Z

Hi community, does anyone know how international founders can work legally in the US?

Ian J

Does anyone know the best way of working out role title growth from LinkedIn for the purposes of a bottoms up TAM?

Ian J

Does it matter where you locate your Stripe account? We are planning on registering in US but are based in Europe right now

Animate It

How many people usually apply for YC Early Decision are there any numbers on that?

Matt G

Anyone here has experience with Antler? How's the interview process? And the accelerator? Is there a demo day? When do you receive fundings exactly? Give as many details as possible please!